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The Ups And Downs Of Jeremy James

Cover Illustrations




Front cover:

Upper picture is our farm house at Tuna, 1961.

Lower photo is Hilary, Michael and Jeremy inside our house at Tuna, 1961.

New Zealand postage stamp showing a map of New Zealand, 1923.

Silver teapot made by Edward & John Barnard and hallmarked London 1853.  This teapot celebrated the wedding of my great great grandparents Adm Sir Leopold George Heath and Mary Emma Marsh in 1853.


Back cover: Portrait images (left to right from the top).

Elizabeth Caldwell nee Stamford 1754-1831 by Joseph Wright of Derby.

Robert Crowe 1710-1786 by John Theodore Heins.

Georgiana Hesketh nee Raynsford 1819-1910 by an unknown artist.

Anne Marsh Caldwell 1791-1874 by an unknown artist.

Anne Raymond Heath nee Dunbar 1787-1842 by an unknown artist.


Henry Helsham 1767-1806 by Jacques-Gabriel Huquier.

John Hesketh 1750-1815 possibly by James Reilly.

Mrs Cuthbert, lived late 1600s to early 1700s, possibly by Johann Kerseboom.

Anne Marsh Caldwell 1791-1874 by Evelyn Mason after Osgood.

James Stamford Caldwell 1787-1858 by Thomas Phillips RA.


Amelia Marsh nee Cuthbert 1765-1793 by John Russell RA.

Robert Hesketh 1789-1868 by Thomas Hargreaves.

Richard Jones 1814-1888 by an unknown artist.

Assumed to be Alice Crowe nee Alpe, died 1777, by Gervase Spencer.

James Heath 1757-1834 by Richard James Lane after the drawing by Thomas George.


Adm Sir Leopold George Heath 1817-1907 by W A Hastines.

Phyllis Hopkins, died 1795, by Abraham Daniel.

Harriet Moore nee Henderson 1779-1866 by John James Halls.

Arthur Cuthbert 1734-1788 photograph after Lemuel Francis Abbott.

James Caldwell 1759-1838 by Joseph Wright of Derby.


George Marsh 1722-1800 by Lemuel Francis Abbott.

Constance Mary Helsham Heath-Caldwell 1869-1957 by Cosway.

Mary Emma Lady Heath 1826-1902 by Julian C Brewer.

Hannah Stamford 1753-1832 by Joseph Wright of Derby.

Arthur Cuthbert Marsh 1786-1849 by an unknown artist.


Mary Graham nee Shewen 1737?-1798 possibly by Francis Cotes.

James Stamford Caldwell 1787-1858 possibly by N. Freese.

John Cuthbert 1675-1824 possibly by Johann Kerseboom.

William Marsh 1755-1846 by John Wright.

Henry Crowe 1769-1851 by Edward Kilvert.


All of the above images are copyright Heath-Caldwell Family Archive.