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The Ups And Downs Of Jeremy James

This is Where We Lived



Map of New Zealand

Map of the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand


The main part of my story takes place in Taranaki where I lived from the age of 1 through to the age of 13.  My parents arrived in New Zealand in 1956 and initially lived on a farm in Pihama which is on the Taranaki Coast between Opunaki and Hawera.  They then moved to Colyton near Feilding which was where I was born in 1959.  We then moved back to Taranaki living for a brief time at Hawera and then 3 years at Tuna, near Midhirst.  At the end of 1963 we moved to Ngaere and we went to school in Stratford.  In 1973 we moved to Whanganui which is approx 120km further down the coast.


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