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William Wheasenham of Runcton Holm

Lived early 1700s

Born: late 1600s and died mid 1700s?
Parents: Not known.
Brother of: Not known
He married: Not known
They had issue:
1. Mary Harvey (nee Wheasenham, 1701?-1777) who married Robert Harvey (1700?-1756).
2. Leonard Wheasenham (mentioned as an executor in the will of Robert Harvey).
3. Possibly others?

William Wheasenham: An Overview

The only reference I have to William Wheasenham is on a tablet in the All Saints Church in Stoke Ferry.  The tablet itself is not to commemorate William but is for his daughter Mary Harvey and son in law Robert Harvey.  It reads as follows:

"Here Lieth the body of Robert Harvey late of the Paris Gent who died July 29th 1756 Aged 56.  
Also the body of Mary relict of Robert Harvey and daughter of Will [William] Wheasenham Gent late of Runcton Holme who died 27 . . . 1777 Aged 76 whose remains with those of her husband are enclosed in the tomb below".

There is also near to Runcton Holme and Stoke Ferry a village called Weasenham but this is spelt without the h.

I have had a quick look in the church at Runcton Holme to see if there are any grave stones or tablets dedicated to William Wheasenham but I was unable to find any.


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