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Jeremiah Williamson 1820-1875

Jeremiah was born 4 August 1820 (or 8 March 1840) presumably in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

Jeremiah is assumed to be the son of Edward Williamson (1790-18??) and Hannah Knighton

Jeremiah is assumed to have had the following brothers and sisters:

Aaron Williamson (1825?-????).
Frances Williamson (1826-????).
Eliza Williamson (1829?-????).
Ann Williamson (1831?-????).
Hannah Williamson (1837?-????).

Jeremiah Williamson married Sarah Wagstaff (1820-1873) at Greasley Church 24 October 1843.  Sarah was born 16 October 1820, the daughter of Adam Wagstaff and Sarah Clay.  She died 22 May 1873 aged 52 and is interred at Kimberley.

Jeremiah and Sarah Williamson had issue:

Mercy Williamson.  Born 16 July 1844.

Sarah Ann Williamson.  Born 17 October 1848.

Ruth Williamson (1851-1937) who married Richard Andrew Roe (1849-1913).

Edward Williamson.  Born 30 January 1854.

John Herbert Williamson.  Born 4 February 1856.

Henry Williamson.  Born 21 April 1858.

Agnes Williamson.  Born 12 January 1861.

Abner Williamson.  Born 15 August 1863 at 4 in morning.

We know about Jeremiah from his family Bible.


Jeramiah Williamson is assumed to have been a Grocer at Sevins Gate Kimberly, Notts.

The entries in Jeremiah's family Bible read as follows:

Jeremiah Williamson. Born August the 4 1820. Died July 19 1875 aged 54 years.

Sarah Williamson Wife of Jeremiah Williamson Born October the 16 1820.

Mercy Williamson Born July the 16 1844.

Sarah Ann Williamson October the 17 1848.

Ruth Williamson Born July 17 1848.

Edward Williamson Born January the 30 1854.

Jeremiah Williamson married The daughter of Adam Wagstaff for his wife October 24 1843.

Sophia Broughton Roe Born Augst 20th 1891 at 15 minutes past 3 in afternoon.

Percy Harold Roe Died January 7th 1892 Aged 7 years and 3 months interred at Kimberly Cemetery.

Sophia Broughton Roe. Born August 20th 1890 at 15 minutes past 3 in the Afternoon. [in a different hand is written 1891].

Jane Elizabeth Roe Died May 5th 1907 Aged 25 years and 3 months interred at Kimberly Cemetery May 9th 1907.

Ruth Swannell Died 16 June 1961 at 2.30pm on a Friday.

Richard Andrew Roe Born August 27 1849 At Ripley Cromford Road Son of George Roe Builder.

Married to Ruth Williamson the daughter of Jeramiah Williamson Grocer Sevins Gate Kimberly, Notts.
Married at Christ Church in the Parish of Bridlington Quay in the County of York on the 17th of June 1974.

Son of the above. George Henry Roe Born May 3rd 1869 at 3 oclock in morning.

Richard Thomas Roe born February 1878 at quarter to 8 in morning.

Jane Elizabeth Roe Born February 1882 at quarter past ten at night.

Percy Harold Roe Born October 1st 188? At ½ past ten at night.

Ruth Roe Born July 26th 1889 at 5 oclock in the afternoon.

George Roe Ripley died July 19th 188? Aged 76 years and 3 months. Interred at Baptist Chapel, Ripley.

Jeremiah Williamson Born August the 4th 1820.

Sarah Williamson the wife of the above name Born October the 16th 1820.

Joined together in matrimony October the 24th 1843 at Greasley Church.

1st born Mercy Williamson July 16th 1844.

Sarah Ann Williamson Born October the 17th 1848.

Ruth Williamson Born July the 17th 1851.

Edward Williamson Born January the 30th 1854.

John Herbert Williamson Born February the 4th 1856.

Henry Williamson Born April the 21st 1858.

Agnes Williamson Born January the 12th 1861.

Abner Williamson Born August 15 1863 at 4 in morning.

Sarah Williamson the wife of Jeremiah Williamson died May the 22nd 1873 aged 52 interred at Kimberley.


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