Leonard Francis Wyburd


Born: 12 June 1865 and died 17 January 1958.
Son of: Francis John Wyburd (1829-1909) and Jemima Wyburd (nee Corbould, 1840-1913)
Brother of:
1. Mima Wyburd (6/3/1863-14/1/1929).
2. Ethel Wyburd (19/5/1864 - 24/10/1910).
Leonard married: Eleanor Oldershaw Bathurst (20/12/1976-13/4/1976), 14 July 1900 at St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington.
Jemima and Francis had issue:
1. Henry Neville Corbould Wyburd b 27 May 1901, died 14 November 1960.
2. Derek Bathurst Wyburd b 9 October 1904, died 30 April 1992.

Overview of: Leonard Wyburd

We know of Leonard Wyburd from the followng sources:
1. Information supplied to me by Giles Wyburd.
2. Information, see below, supplied by Chris Mees.


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